Resource Therapy - Foundation Course

Foundation Training in Resource Therapy - Next Courses

August 1st & 2nd - Crows Nest. Venue TBC

The cost is $495 for the two days (* note student discount and early bird deposit for course still applies) ... this includes morning and afternoon tea.

The course is recognised by AESTA - Australian Ego State Therapy Association

Foundation Training in Resource Therapy

The Foundation Training in Resource Therapy is designed to introduce therapists to work with Resource States and provide enough training for therapists to begin using some Resource State techniques with clients. It includes presentation and discussion, demonstrations, and practice in order to introduce therapists to work with Resource States.

This workshop provides the first level of the Clinical Training in Resource Therapy… requires an addition 8 days / 4 weekends

The Foundation Training includes presentation of educational information needed to understand the formation and nature of Resource States, how they interact in the personality, and how best to bring them to the surface and communicate with them to affect change. The course will also include actual practice in bringing out Resource States, engaging =, and working with them.


  • Brief History of Resource Therapy
  • Nature of Resource States, Formation, Goals of Resource State Therapy, Permanence
  • Resource States vs DID Alters
  • The Executive State, Surface and Underlying States
  • Normal, Vaded, Retro, and Conflicted States
  • Introduction of Resource State Therapy to the Client
  • Ways to access Resource States
  • Working with Resource States; Gaining confidence and facilitating state to state communication
  • How to address Resource States, and how to move from one to another
  • What questions to ask and what notes to keep
  • Aspects of a Resource State Session

The Foundation training also includes assistance for participants to be prepared for roadblocks that clients may manifest.

  • Overcoming hurdles: When the client has difficulty naming an Resource State, when the client has difficulty finding an Resource State that can help another state, accessing the desired state,
  • When the client is reluctant to speak to an Resource State or introject in using an empty chair,
  • When the client does not speak directly to the introject in the empty chair,
  • Spontaneous hypnosis
  • Handling Resistance in Resource State Therapy,
  • Dealing with difficult or destructive Resource States,
  • Working with abreactions
  • Speaking to the introject of a perpetrator

The Foundation training will include the presentation of skills to:

  • Bridge to the original sensitizing event that is the origin of may psychological disorders, and it will include the
  • Expression/Removal/Relief technique to resolve states that have retained fear or rejection from past incidents.

The Foundation course is a required level of training for the Clinical Training in Resource Therapy.

To reserve a place email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... or call Neil on 0400 027173 for more details


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